Privacy Policy

Why do you need my Email Address?

Quite simply, so you can recover your password.

We may occasionally send out important announcments for things such as approaching downtime if we need to do any maintenance, or feature upgrades, but apart from that, we won't email you unless you request it.

What do you do with my Email Address?

We do our best to keep it safe, and we DO NOT sell it on to anybody. (or give it away)

Can you see my to do list items?

In general no, we can't. However they are stored in a MySQL database so we can look at them if needed for sorting out problems with your account.

It is however strict policy that we do not look at them for any other reason.

Am I tracked across the site?

No. We keep minimal information such as the last date you logged in, but there's not enough site for us to even think about tracking you.

What information do you store?

We store what you give us, e.g. your name and email address. Obviously we store your to do items until you delete them. (They are permanently deleted then)

We store your IP address as part of a security mecahnism for remembering your login.

What cookies do you place on my computer?

Just two, one which enables the site to remember your login.

We consider this essential for you to be able to use the site easily and quickly.

The other one is placed on your computer automatically by PHP (the language the site was written in)

What about your advertisers?

The free account has adverts from both google adwords and clickochet, their privacy policies are linked above.

The paid account, with umlimited items, has no adverts whatsoever.

As the page you look at when you display your to do list is protected, our advertisers cannot read it and place contextual adverts.

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A: TempleDene Consultants
The Newman Centre
Station Road
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(Please note, we cannot accept visitors to our office except by prior appointment.)
We do not do Telephone Support