Welcome to "Do it Later"

The easy to use, stress free and simple to understand to do list

This is the to do system which makes it easy to manage your daily "to do" list. It's more than just a plain simple list like most, but has just enough features to let you manage when you want to do things.

Quite deliberately, we have left off the complexity of systems which allow you to schedule items, prioritise items and drop things into folders. You can't get email reminders about things, as if you are using this properly, you should be looking at it several times a day.

Instead, all you have for an item are three options "do it later", "put it off" and "mark as done". This makes it so simple to use you will use it, whilst giving you enough flexibility to keep your current list small and manageable.

It was written specifically by the author, Peter Freeman, to work as he wanted it to work, if you find it useful do enjoy it and spread the word, if it's not complex enough for you maybe you missed the point, or quite simply, it's not the application for you. We deliberately kept the bells and whistles list small so this becomes so easy to use you will actually keep using it.

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