Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use it
(you might organise yourself differently, but this is how we work)

  • Add everything you have to do
  • Go down the list marking anything you won't do in the next hour as "do it later" (or if you won't do it today "put it off")
  • End up with a small list of things you can do in the next hour
  • Do them (and mark them as done)
  • Rinse and repeat!
As your day goes on your list should fill up, but by marking things as "do it later" if you can't do them in an hour, your list should never look to daunting!

How do I re-order things by importance?
You can't - if it's not important right now "do it later" or "Much Later". No "priorities", no "this is important"- you decide: shall I do this now or do it later.

By default this organises things as when you put something off when it reapears it will be at the bottom of your list.

How long exactly are "later" and "much later"?
Later is 1 hour, Much Later is 12 hours, which for most people means tomorrow.

Why can't I specify how long I want to put things off for?
This is supposed to be easy to use, and stress free, if you have to only decide between "later" or "much later" it makes things far less hassle.

What's "Box It" and "My Box"?
Things you know you want to do but are leaving for now can be added to your "Box". This gets them off your list to reduce clutter but makes sure you still have a record of them. Useful for ideas that are not really jobs yet.

How does the calendar work then?
You enter the date you want a calendared item to re-appear on your to-do list, it will then vanish until then. As the date gets closer you will see your item appear on the "Put Off" and "Later" lists.
It's not possible to enter a date before "tomorrow", the system will just ignore the date you entered if you try it, and your item will stay on the current items list. It's restriced to 12 years ahead, anything more than that you will have to write in a diary!

What do the buttons mean?
On a PC hovering over each button with your mouse should bring up a tool tip explaining briefly wht each button does, but for a more detailed explanation, here is a guide button by button.

On the Nav Bar

  • View items marked as "Done".
  • View (or refresh) the current to-do list.
  • View items set to "do it later".
  • View items you have "Put Off".
  • View items in your "Box".
  • View calendared items.

On each items control bar

  • Mark an item as "Done".
  • Do it Later (Removes item for 1 hour).
  • Put it Off (Removes item for 12 hours)
  • Boxes an Item (things you need to remember but not do anytime soon)
  • Calendar an item (Put it off until the date set)
  • Moves an item to your "current" list.
  • Deletes an item (Permamently!)
  • Recycles a "Done" item to your "current" list.
  • Puts a cheering smiley by something you are proud of doing.

Can I get alerts by email or text?
No, this is a daily to do list, if you are not using it every day then it's probably not the system for you.

Why is this better than a sheet of paper?
It probably isn't if you really like paper, but I lose sheets of paper, I don't often lose my computer.

Also a sheet of paper with everything written out on it looks scary, you can be overwhelmed by how much you have to do, with Do It Later you can hide things until you are ready to do them.

I still prefer bits of paper! I don't carry my computer everywhere.
If you lose your bit of paper you can't ring it to find it like you can a smartphone.

Speaking of smartphones, Where is the iPhone app?
There isn't one, this is a website! It works fine on mobile browsers. If we had to spend the time and effort to develop apps for all the different mobile phones out there it would have to cost more!

If you are using a mobile and this wasn't auto detected you can switch to "mobile mode" by clicking on the :

icon (and switch back by clicking on it in its "mobile mode")

Can I email things to my list?
No. If you are at a computer and can use email, you might as well open this site and add something!

There are loads of To Do lists already, why did you feel you had to write another one?
I was bored! Also I spent a while looking at To Do lists and none of them did what I wanted, they were simple lists or very complicated "Get Things Done" style applications. I wanted something easy for me to use. Friends liked it so I decided to share it with the world.